Selected Works
12 September 2009
Wang Lu: Siren Songs Play
Ensemble: International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
Siren Songs Play
Wang Lu: Wailing Play
Ensemble: Holland Symfonia
Conductor: Hans Leenders
Wailing excerpt Play
Wang Lu: Qing Dan Play
Qing Dan Play
Wang Lu: A Distant World Play
Artist: Christoph Bösch (Flute)
A Distant World Play
Wang Lu: Cross-Around Play
Ensemble: Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Conductor: Lorraine Vaillancourt
Cross-Around Play
Wang Lu: Lost Dialects Play
Ensemble: Argento Chamber Ensemble
Lost Dialects Play
Wang Lu: From the Distant Plains II Play
From the Distant Plains II Play
Wang Lu: Altitude Play
Artist: Anthony Cheung (Piano)
Ensemble: Columbia University Lewis Armstrong Jazz Orchestra
Altitude Play
Wang Lu: past beyond Play
Ensemble: Ensemble intercontemporain
Conductor: Susanna Mälkki
past beyond excerpt Play
Wang Lu: An Atlas of Time Play
Ensemble: Ensemble Modern
Conductor: Johannes Kalitzke
I - Internationale (1989 Edition) Play
III - Piccolo Trumpets a Childern's Broadcast Play
IV - Caravaggio's Descent Play
V - Tombeau Play
Wang Lu: Trinket Play
Artist: Natacha Diels (Flute)
Ensemble: Ensemble Pamplemousse
I - Trinket-Excerpt Play
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Wang Lu: Siren Songs
Wang Lu: Wailing
Wang Lu: Qing Dan
Wang Lu: A Distant World
Wang Lu: Cross-Around
Wang Lu: Lost Dialects
Wang Lu: From the Distant Plains II
Wang Lu: Altitude
Wang Lu: past beyond
Wang Lu: An Atlas of Time
Wang Lu: Trinket
Wang Lu: Flowing Water Study II for orchestra and video

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